About Butterfly

Air Matters

It may look like the air is empty, but that's far from the truth. 1 cubic meter of air weighs 1.2kg and contains 1 trillion trillion molecules and atoms. If the concentrations of gases and particles in this mixture of air is not right then it can really affect our health, wellbeing and cognitive ability. So it's important to have accurate information that can help us make good decisions.


2020 showed us how critical Indoor Air Quality has become, and how a lack of fresh air can lead to the spread of viruses.

At Butterfly we monitor IAQ with unparalleled accuracy and speed so people can feel reassured that the spaces they occupy for work, rest and play are healthy.


At Butterfly, we’re developing our technology responsibly.

We are committed to the use of recycled materials where possible and minimising waste.

We believe in contributing to the essential wellbeing of the environment - 1% of all profits will be donated to Butterfly Conservation to help ensure that butterflies will be here for future generations.

Our Team

Join us and see what Butterfly could mean for you…

Nick Munro

Ali Munro

Gabriele D’ Amone

Andrew Betteley
Technology Consultant

Richard Mold
Product Designer

Samuel Yang
Systems Engineer

Oscar Jones
Design Engineer

Martin Lombard
Design Engineer

Freya Smith
Design Engineer

Leo Planck-Prideaux
Design Engineer

Joseph Folkes
Design Engineer

Marco Miotti
UX Designer

Luke Mallett
Electronic Engineer

Parag Pandya
Electronic Engineer

Lois Griffiths
Accounts Manager